INSUBPRO I is a tug of 10 tons of bollard pull both, singularly and in tandem. In fact, INSUBPRO, is one of the pioneer companies in Spanish such maneuvers thanks to work done by the whole Spanish and Algerian coast.

INSUBPRO solve your transportation needs.

Which would include such transport?

  • We developed the project trailer.
  • We manage Harbourmaster documentation.
  • Towed to the port of destination in complete safety and security.
  • We hire marine insurance that best suits customer needs.
  • Projects marine towing.
  • Execution of documents:
    • Ship, vessels.
    • Aquaculture cages.
    • Industrial piping.
    • Concrete caissons.
    • Floating equipment.
  • Services refloating of ships.
  • Rescue services.


multiFloating devices require placement anchors, mooring systems, mooring points, positioning aids, supplies, auxiliary service vessels. For these jobs need the use of agile ships, with deck and machinery to move these tools. The INSUBPRO II and VII are two valid to operate in a wide range of areas, even with less than 1.5m multicats drafts. and able to work with elements of 12T.


INSUBPRO is certified by the Classification Society Lloyd’s Register of Shipping for underwater inspections of vessels afloat – In Water Survey-. We have underwater inspection systems and surface supplied diving, which can be mounted on board for various devices, including the DSV INSUBPRO II. In these terms we are authorized to make underwater inspections of vessels Off-shore.

MARITIME WORK TRAIN (pontoons and barges)

INSUBPRO equipment can be configured to answer your needs, our technical staff can design and modify floating elements which we dispose.

In INSUBPRO in permanent coordination planned with the client, design and implement procedures to ensure quality throughout the construction process.

INSUBPRO teams can configured to adapt and solve the needs of each project, installing systems mixing, pouring and pumping concrete in areas without road access; whether installing cranes over 150T cranes, drilling rigs, and / or any other necessary equipment.

The pontoon INSUBPRO III is equipped with a lattice crane that can raise singular maneuver loads of great size or the engaged shackled slings, or can be fitted with clamshell dredging for sand and gravel extraction from the seabed as clays and muds. Other option is mounting with mechanical hydraulic octopus for underwater extraction of big stone breakwater.

The INSUBPRO III has its own power generation plant and hydraulic winches mounted on deck and work positioning system.

The flexibility of INSUBPRO depends on the needs of our client.


We have zodiacs for support, transport divers and/or ROV operations.