Marine Works


obra-marINSUBPRO born with vocation to cover social needs; in a highly competitive and demanding as the maritime work world we have grown and diversified our objectives with maximum well learned “our customer comes first.” So clearly it is the philosophy of this company; every day we face new challenges gaining experience and increasing social capital.

In INSUBPRO offer a comprehensive maritime and river works, from design and implementation to maintenance and repair of port facilities, outfalls, dredging, filling, breakwaters, channel maintenance, stream protection, restoration … all channels within the field of water works.


dragadosPort terminals means a lot in the current economy. The changes in the field of transport in the last century have produced improvements and modifications to these terminals. With the introduction of standard containers, the step was taken towards a new type of boat much better advantage with displacement; for them it is required ports with more depth, more land to store and therefore more facilites.

The increasing over the needs of the construction industry has been a significant increase, in response to the particular problems posed by each project.

The requirements and environmental constraints force us to optimize resources and resourcefulness. Therefore, the development of coastal areas or near to river has a large construction activity; this activity should be treated sustainably, avoiding or minimizing the interaction between nature and man.

The installation of pipelines and submarine outfalls requires positioning elements of high technology and precision. INSUBPRO has the capacity to install them and use them in the most convenient way.

INSUBPRO has the answer for these needs.

We make:

  • Dumping of blocks over marks, placing blocks to build breakwaters, jetties and docks.
  • Dredging ditches, cleaning corridors
  • Building and repairing of collectors, towers and submarine outfalls uptake.
  • Interior Cleaning and repair of underwater pipelines.
  • Concrete and resin injection.
  • Placing piles pontoons.
  • Connecting floating and underwater shots.
  • Valve replacement.
  • Clean vents and intakes sea.


playaThe population growth and migration to coastal areas has created a huge demand for additional land. Our processes allow dredging to take material from the seabed and send the material to create land almost anywhere. Our team can use various techniques to make this land from the sea, either to the extension of a port or to the formation of offshore islands. In this global context the techniques of land reclamation have been positioned as cost-effective responses to the population problem.

Sand volumes transported by our teams can respond both to the needs of the most demanding material as the most daily maintenance projects. In any case the profitability of our team is the best proof of our work or, more specifically, the price per cubic meter, makes us a very attractive partner project.

The coastal protection is an essential process providing the shoreline defense against natural processes of erosion and sediment transport. The different types of protection vary by location, weather, time of execution, etc.

We do:


  • Regeneration and protection of beaches.
  • Moorings or fund boats.
  • Fixing submarine cable or pipeline.
  • Positioning buoys or beacons.
  • Fixing pontoons.
  • Placing gear.
  • Fixing farm cages.
  • Works on coast.


Human activity is centered around water, either sea or river human needs to manage and use the water for their needs. Constructive policies currently have an environmental component that determines any project. Rivers are very sensitive areas that require the use of techniques especially careful with their ecosystems. In INSUBPRO we care much for our presence in the work area have minimal impact on ecosystems.

We do:

  • Dredging of weir.
  • Recovery channels along urban and suburban areas.
  • Support for execution of works on the foundations riverbed.
  • Cleaning and maintenance for channels or pressure pipelines.


insubpro-dragados-voladuras-corte-de-hormigonInside the uniqueness of the offshore works or without land access, we have the equipment and experience to perform concrete cutting with diamond wire and concrete. At thicknesses greater than 53cm this is the quietest, profitable and extended system.

Due to the characteristics of the port works, works underwater cutting are common.

We execute:

  • Underwater blasting.
  • Dredging of sand, rock and clay.
  • Concrete cutting.
  • Demolitions.


ins-subFrequently the work depth, water turbidity, direct access to the work area, makes difficult to know and check what is running. Depending on the task there are systems to check the status of the work, but it is essential to access experienced and competent staff to spot and check the correct execution of some tasks.

These cases have the best team and the most reliable diving equipment allows to carry out this work, which inherently have a high risk to expose anyone to a medium that is not their natural habitat.

In INSUBPRO have high quality equipment, Kirby Morgan diving equipment of last generation, remote monitoring systems, we are certified and approved by Lloyd’s Register for hull inspections.

We perform:

  • Inspections by divers.
  • Inspections R.O.V.
  • Real-time monitoring.
  • Recordings with CCTV.
  • Underwater photography system.