Our team improve day by day

We improved our team day by day. Through our active HR policy encourage the participation of our staff in designing solutions. This is evidenced by the improvement in the process of dredging sandy material by adding other additional booster pump installed in series along the discharge line, so the distance between the pickup...

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First launch for our own design manufacturing

International Submarine Projects S. L. launches its first self-made design of a Control System Diving Operations. This equipment is inserted inside a Container Maritime Standard 10 feet.

Its philosophy of International Submarine Projects S. L. continue the investment in R & D and we have developed and tested a new System...

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We gain a R.O.V. lastest generation for observation

International Submarine Projects S. L. acquires R.O.V. latest generation.

International Submarine Projects S. L. its philosophy of continuous investment in R & D recently purchased an ROV (Remote Operated Vehicle) underwater application to complement the work being done by divers, among other jobs you can do this ROV inspections in confined...

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