About Us


International Submarine Projects, SL, INSUBPRO, is a company established in 2011 specializing in marine works, professional diving and marine towing. Thanks to their skills and specialized technology is one of the leading companies within the Mediterranean maritime sector.

INSUBPRO can develop projects, carry out work on marine and underwater environment, working on port facilities, coasts, beaches and underwater inspections and perform hyperbaric activities in wetlands and riverine areas.

We have a fleet of boats, tug boat, modular and monolithic pontoons for transportation or performing dredging, marine construction and commercial diving, accompanied by a trained and professional crew to execute any kind of work.

We perform underwater works with the most advanced and professional experts in the provision of professional scuba diving activities, offshore technology, port facilities, canals and waterways and reservoirs, adapting effectively to customer needs. Our goal is to consolidate as a company and open up new markets, primarily in North Africa.

We also want to contribute to sustainable development of the marine environment in which we conducted our organization by providing added value.


  • Optimize resources to minimize environmental impacts.
  • Strictly comply with the legal aspects.
  • We perform quality work in bringing innovation and improvement projects.
  • We bring to our customer a team of professionals who distance themselves from the rest of us companies.
  • We establish close and productive relationships with our suppliers.
  • And above all a return that allows our continuity and growth as a company.