First launch for our own design manufacturing

International Submarine Projects S. L. launches its first self-made design of a Control System Diving Operations. This equipment is inserted inside a Container Maritime Standard 10 feet.

Its philosophy of International Submarine Projects S. L. continue the investment in R & D and we have developed and tested a new System Operations Control Diving mounted inside of a standard shipping container 10 feet. This new system consists in a control room soundproofed, acclimatized from where the divers superintendent and diving supervisor can control the gas supply to divers; in the same room they have the submarine communications system, which they can communicate with divers under the water, with each other and with the surface. Following the control room is the antechamber of computers where rac, for gas storage supply equipment and divers before and after the dives, are housed. The diving system installed is of the surface supply and is equipped with switchboard gas SMP, umbilical over 100 meters long, helmets and masks Kirby Morgan ultimate generation and all safety equipment and accessories necessary. The system is transportable both by sea and road.